Poetry M’app – LabeLLit 2019

Coming to you  from Belfast and connecting across five continents, on #PoetryDayIRL 2019, we have created an online interactive map, poet Maria McManus, in collaboration with sound artist Una Lee, enabling the followers of  Poetry Day 2019 to listen to the poems read by the poets themselves. Our project is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Poetry Ireland. Look out for our poetry labels: they’re a gift of poetry to take home!


Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 4.02.09 PM.png

This project is an experiment to expand and to build on the success of the LabeLLit & Poetry Jukebox projects, developing the idea further by using an open source digital platform to host an online sound map of poems. Visit our PoetryM’app.

The poems can be also heard on our Soundcloud.

Read more about the Participating Poets




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