Label-Lit and Young Writers’ Lab SWEDEN

Another first for the Label-Lit Project. My friend and colleague, Portuguese writer Ines Lampreia has been doing intense work with young writers in Sweden. All of the writers attend a school in Tranas. Ones, supported by the teacher and facilitator Ulrika Satervik have been undertaking a sustained project of writing. Ones has used Skype and Facebook to maintain regular contact with the group.

Last weekend she and the group attended a writing festival SMALIT in Linkoping. The concluding session of Ines’ residency was to link with me, by Skype from Belfast to Tranas, so the young writers could take part in a Label_lit Project. The resultant work was shared in the school and in the community, in THREE languages – Arabic, Swedish and English – we are spreading the LOVE…..

The Label-Lit project has its origins in the Kultivera Residency which I took part in, in 2015, which is where I met Ines, the Kultivera Team and Ulrika.

See the link below. More images to follow.

Later in the year, I hope I will be able to undertake a further international project in Galicia. Stay tuned!


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